A big thank you - and I want to hear from you!

Hello all,  

I broke one of the cardinal rules of marketing -- though shall keep thy blog updated. Whoopsie...I'm sorry! We moved out of our condo with no yard and into a snazzy new place with a beautiful yard for Briggs & Blue to play in.

I have to say that I am eternally grateful to all of my readers who have reached out to me via my contact form or through Facebook. Not only am I honored that the story has made such an impact, but I am also proud to know that it is making dog owner's more vigilant.

I plan to be  more diligent on updating this blog and will be posting all dog related topics - from dogs stolen, missing, funny dog stuff, and even pet food alerts. Um, have you seen the dog jerky alert?  Feel free to send me topics or things that you would like to see posted about or discussed - and most definitely send me pictures of your pooches!

In the meantime, here is a picture of Briggs & Blue enjoying life in their new yard (we had to cut down a rotting tree - they are in heaven!).

My stick. 

My stick. 

No,  my  stick!  

No, my stick!