A hunter kills a family dog...and walks away.



This is Zoey.

This is her story in her family's words:  

"This is Zoey's story. I was killed by hunters the weekend of 10/25/13. I went missing on 10/25/13 at about 9:00 A.M. When my family was looking for me they asked some hunters (Neighbors) if they had seen me. They stated they did on 10/25/13 at about 9:30 A.M. They stated they threw sticks at me because I was disrupting their hunting but have not seen me since. On 10/26/13 my family asked the hunters (Neighbors) a second time if they seen me. They said no. My family searched for me every day for hours and hours, shouting, calling, walking miles but could not find me. On 10/28/13 my family found me 30 feet from the hunters (Neighbors) tree stand with an arrow hole through my back and neck. I was left to suffer and die. My body was in clear view of the hunters tree stand and path. It is undeniable to say I could not have been seen. My family loved me and is devastated by my murder. Please help me and my family bring justice to the hunters (Neighbors) who wrongfully murdered me. Share my story to everybody and let the world know I did not deserve to die." 

Now. I come from a state where hunting is almost a religion. My personal thoughts on hunting aside, I do not want this to be a debate on the merits of hunting.  

This wasn't hunting. This was slaughter. A clear and deliberate act of unfathomable cruelty. But -- I will play devil's advocate. What if this was an accident? The dog is brown, she is in the woods, and could be mistaken for the hunter's prey. Let's say the hunters shot her by mistake. Please, tell me one hunter that fires a round, knows it hits an animal, and doesn't go track that animal to see what happened. Seriously. I would like to know. Isn't that the very act of hunting? Shoot, track, kill?

The fact is, accident or deliberate, these hunters witnessed the pain, suffering, and death of this dog and did nothing. Nothing. This is when a person's true character is called into question. An ethical person -- a person with heart -- would accept what he had done and carry the dog to the family. A person with integrity or an ounce of character would have done everything they could have to alleviate the suffering and owned up to their mistake. Not, I repeat, NOT, walk away. And if this was deliberate? There is a special place in hell for these people. Right next to Michael Vick after he hopefully passes from a very painful and debilitating football injury.