Dogs + food allergies = learning a lot about dog food ingredients.

If you have ever had to deal with food allergies — you'll understand my pain. Finding a dog food that works well for your dog that has allergies can be a painfully long process. On one hand, we have Blue — essentially the dog version of a garbage disposal. He eats everything that he comes across and seems to have no negative reactions whatsoever. Please note that we do not feed him any people food or anything outside his normal routine. However, once he is out in the yard — anything is fair game.

Briggs, on the other hand, flares up and loses hair from a variety of different things. Chicken? Oh heck no. If you feed him a chicken treat, his neck and stomach will be swollen red with a rash within 20 minutes. The list goes grain, turkey, chicken, salmon or buffalo. Raw food diets of rabbit also essentially destroyed him. We've been around the block with trying out foods.

Currently, he is doing quite well on Fromm Pork & Peas. We love Fromm as it is a family-owned business that uses the best ingredients.

Some food & treat favorites:

And, I just had to add the Fat Cat brand toys in there...a little something else for them to chew on. I find these toys to be quite durable.  

Do your pets have allergies? What are some of your favorite foods?